Splice Festival

Open Call – Terms and Conditions

• There is no entry fee.

• No restrictions apply regarding the concept of the artwork. Except works of art that offend human dignity or support discrimination against individuals or group of people based on behavior, race, nationality or sexuality are not eligible for participation.

• The duration of the video links should not exceed 15 minutes.

• Submissions can only be accepted via the online forms.

• Once a submission is made it is final. It cannot be amended or withdrawn.

• Each artist is allowed to participate in more than one category but not exceeding three artworks. A separate submission form must be submitted for each category/work.

• Submissions that do not include all requested documents and files will be considered incomplete and will not be accepted.

• Artists whose work is selected will be notified via email. In any cases where files will be needed, artists will be asked to upload these.

• Artists whose work is selected will have free entrance to the festival.

• Parts of the festival will be filmed and photographed. The audience and the artists whose work may appear in it, agree to this unconditionally.

• All submitted works can be included in compilations, press or promotion that represent Splice Festival and the AV Node network internationally.

• The festival has no responsibility for copyright of works that include images or music created by others than the submitting artist.

• In case of transportation of works, charges for transportation and insurance are paid by the artists.

• The festival has no responsibility in cases of damage or loss during installation or transportation of the work.

• The festival can cancel the event at any time, if circumstances do not allow for its realisation.

• With submission, participants unconditionally agree to all terms above and allow the use of excerpts (or entire works in the case of streaming) by the organisers for publicity and archive purposes.